venture. This unfortunately limits his avalability and increases the demand for his talent. He has always stated his goal to be, "making people happy and comfortable during the entire session." In his quest for perfection, it's easy to see his talents have surpassed amature, and moved well into professional, but he would never admit it. A humble and kind person, Dean always works to be better for the people who enjoy his art.

Dean is a man of many talents and backgrounds, making him relatable to almost anyone. A veteran of the United States Army he began his adventure in photography as a sort of therapy and healthy means to, "get away". The hobby quickly developed into requests for photography from friends, family, and much more. Dean is ever cautious of this passion for photography turning into work, and aims to always limit this business side to part time 


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Come up behind him and give him a hug like he's going to a long shift at work. Show him all the love in one hug!


Stand in a half circle and show each other how dapper and impressive you look. Remember to Smile!.


The South is famous for it's hospitality and comfort. The same absolutely applies to each Southern Shoots Session. Our prompts and feeling are candid and easy. The goal is capture real moments of love, fun, and passion. Prompts with words like, imagine, feel, and think are very common to help bring out real emotion and feeling for the camera. 

what makes a Southern shoot


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